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  • Your e-commerce and fulfilment expert

    Åland Post offers comprehensive e-commerce systems for order processing and distribution. By shipping your goods internationally via Åland, you save both time and money!


    At Åland Post, we handle every imaginable type of shipping assignment – from simple, one-time-only shipments to more involved, all-inclusive logistics solutions.


    We stand ready to take responsibility for the entirety, regarding both your postal shipments as well as all your digital customer communications. We ensure that you reach your customers as cost-effectively as possible!

Åland Post

Our facilities

We handle your warehousing and fulfilment needs in a professional and efficient manner.

Päivi’s processes create peace of mind for customers

Päivi Josefsson works as a controller at Åland Post. It is her role to make sure that the preferences of customers and salespeople can be implemented, but also...

Åland Post deals with warehousing and transportation as Net Trading Group sets up in Finland

Net Trading Group Ltd (NTG) is setting up a subsidiary on Åland to market and sell MaxGodis products in the Finnish market. NTG has registered the Finnish...

Björn develops print and digital solutions

In addition to packaging and distribution solutions, Åland Post also offers competitive print and digital mailing services. Åland Post deals with printing,...

Customer portal

Through our customer access portal, you will find all the information you as an e-commerce client need regarding your incoming deliveries, articles and outgoing orders. You can even access your invoices as well as postal statistics in numbers and graphs.
And of course as our freight customer, you can access our shipment booking through the customer access portal

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