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Åland Post’s environmental programme

Åland Post’s environmental programme 2018-2020

Åland Post’s long-term overall environmental goals are incorporated in its environmental policy. These have been broken down into detailed goals in Posten’s environmental programme, which constitutes an important policy document in its work of continuously reducing its environmental impact. The environmental programme also includes measures to be taken and a timetable. The environmental programme is valid for three years (2018-2020) and will be updated and evaluated every year during the management team’s review.

Overall environmental goals





Our waste must be processed in the best possible way

To improve and shorten the value chain of the current cardboard handling process

To investigate other handling measures we have in the immediate vicinity for the cardboard handling process



Day-to-day operations must be as energy-efficient as possible

To reduce the number of hours the lighting is switched on with no staff present

To change to motion sensors, automate and streamline toilets, entrances and exterior lighting

March 2018


Significant environmental knowledge among staff

All staff must be completely knowledgeable about our waste sorting system in the terminal

Training via films, better labelling on containers and verbal training

August 2018

Completed in September 2018

Environmentally-adapt purchasing

To apply the general set of requirements to our three largest suppliers

To contact the suppliers to see if they are fulfilling the requirements



To reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transports/deliveries

To optimise all outgoing freight

To review the fill rate of load carriers

Ongoing 2017-2020


To reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

To reduce fuel consumption by 3 % during 2020

New Fleet Management System



Action plan for emergency situations

All drivers to attend ADR course/Checklist for vehicles



Completed for 2018

Modern vehicle fleet

All EURO 3 must be replaced in 2018




Environmentally-adapt purchasing

To review stamp issues and collector products every year. To compare year on year how much is destroyed once the sales period has ended.

To optimise the quantities


350 000 fewer editions for 2019

To reduce print-outs

Digital reporting instead of saving documents in paper format for 10 years. To reduce paper use and shelf space.

New customer system (Navision)

2018 In use since the begining of 2018 

To increase the number of customers using services that reduce transportation

To increase the number of users of the “"Egen utlämningsplats” (Own delivery point) service by 20 % per year

To market “Min sida” (My page)


 + 18% in 2018

To increase the number of households with access to service boxes by 25 % per year

To increase cooperation with property companies and install more service boxes

Ongoing Ongoing

To reduce CO2 emissions (g/km) 

To reduce CO2 emissions (g/km) from delivery vehicles by 20 % 

To replace at least 2 vehicles with electric vehicles


one electric vehicle acquired