Axla Logistics global network


E-Commerce is a worldwide business. Throughout the years, we have built a network of global distribution partners that will get goods delivered reliably and fast wherever, whenever, at competitive rates for both domestic and international deliveries. With our comprehensive transportation it is possible to deliver to the end consumer in Europe from 48 hours.


Convenient and fast shipping builds a great customer experience. Use some of the several carriers at our disposal and let the customer be king. When you move your distribution to Axla, you can continue to use your current supplier, but at a lower cost. Through our network, we can also manage the incoming transportation of your goods to our warehouses on Åland Islands and in Vantaa, Finland.


Sometimes returns needs to happen. Make it easy for the customer and make sure the returned utem gets handled properly with Axla. We offer fast return shipping and immediate registration of your returned goods into our modern warehousing system.