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With Åland Post, clearing customs is simple

Goods arriving in Åland from abroad must be cleared through customs. Let Åland Post take care of your customs clearance – it’s simple and easy. Leave your customs documents with us and we will take care of clearing customs for you.

Steps to clearing import customs when Åland Post is handling your customs clearance:

  • Clearing customs is done electronically as soon as the shipment arrives.
  • When customs clearance is completed, you will either receive a message that your delivery has arrived or the goods will be delivered to your address.
  • If you are a company that is registered for VAT, you will receive your customs clearance decision from Åland Post, and will be required to report your VAT to your tax account, at your own initiative. Other charges should be paid to Åland Post. Åland Post offers a customs clearance service in our Customer Portal where you can view detailed information along with the Customs decisions for all clearances carried out by Åland Post on your behalf. You find more information about our Customs Clearance Service here.
  • If you are a company that is not registered for VAT, or an individual, you will receive an invoice from Åland Post for VAT and other charges that you are required to pay us.

Please remember:

  • Attach a VAT invoice for deliveries to and from Åland.
  • An invoice should always accompany your shipment to ensure quickest delivery, due to the special tax exemption that Åland has with the rest of the EU.
  • Commercial invoice or proforma invoice? Below you find instructions outlining which kind of invoice is needed for which purpose. You also find detailed descriptions of what the invoices should contain and at the bottom of this page you find templates to download.

It is important to attach an invoice to your shipments

If the invoice is missing, the shipment is delayed on arrival in the receiving country because customs clearance will take longer without an invoice.

Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice must be attached when the shipment is sent for commercial purposes, meaning that is, when it concerns an item intended for sale

Instructions outlining what a commercial invoice should contain.

Template for commercial invoice (pdf)

Proforma invoice

A proforma invoice must be attached when the recipient does not have to pay for the item. Also include why the item is free-of-charge (i.e. gift, product sample, documents) and the item’s nominal value.

Here you find instructions outlining what a proforma invoice should contain.

Want to know more?

Contact us via telephone (+358 18 636 727) if you would like to know more about customs clearance.

For specific questions concerning customs for deliveries to and from Åland, please contact Customs Authorities.