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Customs Clearance Service

As of 01/01/2018, companies registered for VAT must declare import VAT to the Tax Agency. As a result of this, the Customs’ decisions no longer contain any tax basis broken down into different VAT rates, which is information required for the VAT return.

Åland Post offers a customs clearance service in our Customer Portal where you can view detailed information along with the Customs decisions for all clearances carried out by Åland Post on your behalf.

  • We also offer an Export function where clearance information along with tax basis per VAT rate for a specific period can be exported to Excel and used as support when filing a VAT return.
  • The customs clearance service is free of charge and can be found via our Customer Portal:
  • If you have not used the Customer Portal before, use the link “New user? Register here”
  • If you have already used other online services in the Customer Portal, instead contact with information on which company you represent and we will connect you to the customs clearance service.