Bethina is a good listener |

Bethina is a good listener

Whatever your freight requirements, we can offer services that cover the entire delivery. We make sure that your shipment arrives safely, on time and at the right place. Åland Post also helps you with the paperwork. Our employees are here to provide you with answers to all your questions before, during and after delivery.

Bethina is one of our experts in logistics solutions at Åland Post. As a salesperson in the Logistics Department, she helps you to identify and customise shipments to meet your needs. She also helps you to find the best freight solution to and from Åland.

Versatile transport solutions and global networks

Åland Post handles everything from individual deliveries to more comprehensive logistics solutions.

“Groupage or part loads, dangerous goods, temperature-controlled transports and express solutions are just some of the things we can help you with,” explains Bethina.

Whether the shipments to and from Åland are within the Nordic region or worldwide, Åland Post has the freight solution. 

“For many years we’ve had a good, well-established logistics network with various global business partners for both road transport and express solutions,” says Bethina.

Bethina explains that Åland’s geographical location means that planning and logistics come naturally to us.

“It’s something we’ve always had to take into consideration. It’s deeply ingrained in our heritage.”

An open dialogue creates good solutions

Our employees at Åland Post are here to help you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our freight solutions.

To ensure that a shipment arrives as smoothly as possible, we need information such as where the goods are to be transported and from where they have to be collected, what volumes, the weight and whether there are any special preferences.

“The more information we have about a shipment, the better,” says Bethina, going on to explain the importance of being a good listener and asking questions about the customer’s transport requirements.

“An open dialogue is the best way to find the right solutions for you,” says Bethina.