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With a full overview of pick and pack

Ludwig is one of Åland Post’s production supervisors at our pick and pack fulfilment center. His day-to-day work includes order processing, packing and being responsible for his production team.
When new customers choose to hold their inventories at Åland Post, Ludwig also takes part in planning how best to handle their products.


"We adapt our solutions to the customer’s needs. We consider what kind of articles they have and how many orders are expected to be shipped. This then forms the basis for what shelf locations, packing areas and packing machines to use, Ludwig explains."


Adapted spaces for smooth-running logistics

Ludwig’s department has now moved into the newly-built part of the warehouse that was completed in April this year. The new warehouse areas are optimised for e-commerce logistics. There is tall storage with a ceiling height of 13 metres and plenty of space for new packing machines. The new areas also have other advantages:

"The enlarged work areas allow the personnel to rotate between tasks. The personnel gain both more variation in their work and greater knowledge of each work operation. Our packing team is thus in full control of the e-commerce consignments’ logistics flow, says Ludwig."

Åland Post has spacious, adapted personnel areas, efficient packing machines and competent personnel. All these aspects combined gives us us smooth-running logistics. With 15 years’ experience within e-commerce and other areas of the logistics industry, we have built up a smart logistics flow to take care of your orders.


What’s it like to work with new international customers?

“It’s great to see that many customers have confidence in Åland Post and trust us to hold their inventories. And I like working with customers who really know their business. It’s inspiring and motivating! We intend to continue to do our utmost to ensure that their orders are handled in the best possible way.”