Production Manager with focus on improvement |

Production Manager with focus on improvement

Åland Post Production Manager Cecilia Eriksson is responsible for operational activities in the business area Packing & Distribution.

She is constantly reviewing and improving our production processes reviewing and improving of production processes. This involves a large degree of problem solving, working closely with production team leaders, technical managers and the sales team in order to get the best results.

What does a day look like for a production manager on Åland Post?


"It all depends on the things that come up. It can be anything from supporting unit managers in their daily work, to planning a start-up for a new customer with our sales team," explains Cecilia.

To make everything run as smoothly as possible for all parties, Cecilia also constantly updates the Warehouse Management System, WMS. She has been involved from the start since the WMS was built for about 10 years ago.


"It is a great advantage that we can have our own WMS. It makes us flexible and able to better meet customer needs" says Cecilia.

Industry Experience

Åland Post has more than 15 years of experience serving the e-commerce sector. Cecilia explains the Åland Post journey in third party logistics:

"We have learned a lot along the way, but of course you can always improve. However, we found a very good starting point for our business. We have evolved to become experts on the products we pack today. With the equipment and systems currently in use, the production flow is extremely efficient."

Continual development is essential for Åland Post in order to be a premium provider of third party logistics. It also makes Cecilia's work meaningful. Cecilia says she really enjoys all aspects of her work. In particular, she likes to work on changing the processes according to customer needs.

"My job never gets boring," she says happily.