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Åland Posts vd Johan Sundblom

Åland Post announces new CEO and members of management group

Johan Sundblom has been appointed as the new CEO of Åland Post Ltd. Since 2011, Johan has been the company’s CFO, and since 2015, he has also served as deputy...

We are moving to a new terminal in Turku

We are moving to a new terminal in Turku. As of March 15, 2023, our new address is: Åland Post, Rieskalähteentie 70, FI 20300 Turku There are several gates...
Axla and Xales logotypes

Axla starts collaboration with Xales

Amazon is a hot topic in the Nordics right now. That's why we're extremely happy to announce Axla partner up with the good folks at Xales. Through Axlas...

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