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Åland Post announces new CEO and members of management group

Åland Posts vd Johan Sundblom

Johan Sundblom has been appointed as the new CEO of Åland Post Ltd. Since 2011, Johan has been the company’s CFO, and since 2015, he has also served as deputy CEO.

“Åland Post is a company with highly loyal and competent staff. Johan Sundblom has extensive experience in the operations of the company, and through his central position, he has been part of Åland Post’s management group for a long time. He has earned trust, internally among the staff as well as externally among the company’s customers. During the challenging period that Åland Post went through in the autumn, Johan has led the company with commitment, responsibility, competence, and professionalism, demonstrating his ability to lead the company into the future. With Johan as chief executive officer, a newly formed management group, and its knowledgeable staff, Åland Post is once again a well-organized, stable company”, says the chairman of the board Roger Nordlund.

In early January, Jari Hyle was recruited as director of Axla Logistics in Vantaa. Tommi Jokitalo succeeds Johan as chief financial officer, and Björn Tennström is director of the new business area Print & Distribution.

“We have worked intensively on strengthening our collaboration and clarifying new goals for the entire company. Our new recruits add the energy and knowledge that is needed. We are on the right track, and I look forward to continuing to develop our business areas together with all our employees who have shown great commitment and support”, says Johan Sundblom.

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