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Åland Post profitably drives its business based on long-term customer relations, and divides its operations into three main business areas in order to offer customized solutions for each of our diverse clients.

The business areas are Pack & Distribution, Postal Services and Logistics. Each area is profit-driven and contributes to the company’s success.

In addition to these business areas, Åland Post also has five central administrative functions: Finance, Human Resources, IT, Communications and Property. The Managing Director for Åland Post is Henrik Lundberg.


The Åland Post Management Team consists of Henrik Lundberg (MD), Josephine Thörnroos (Compliance), Johan Sundblom (Finance & Communications), Dan Johansson (Logiistics), Mats Polviander (Pack & Distribution), Marika Lindström (HR), Oscar Henriksson (IT), Eivor Granberg (Postal Services).  

Board of Directors

The Åland Post Board of Directors currently includes Chair Nils Lampi, Vice-chair Robert Lindfors, and Board Members Agneta Erlandsson-Björklund, Lotta Berner-Sjölund, Johanna Backholm, Daniela Johansson and Boris Ekman. The Secretary of the Board is MD Henrik Lundberg.