Åland Post profitably drives its business based on long-term customer relations, and divides its operations into four main business areas in order to offer customized solutions for each of our diverse clients.

The business areas are Pack & Distribution, Postal Services, Logistics, and Stamps. Each area is profit-driven and contributes to the company’s success.

In addition to these business areas, Åland Post also has five central administrative functions: Finance, Human Resources, IT, Communications and Property. The Managing Director for Åland Post is Henrik Lundberg.

Board of Directors

The Åland Post Board of Directors currently includes Chair Nils Lampi, Vice-chair Robert Lindfors, and Board Members Agneta Erlandsson-Björklund, Lotta Berner-Sjölund, Johanna Backholm and Boris Ekman. The Secretary of the Board is MD Henrik Lundberg.