Claims |


Please read the following regarding our claims service

  • Carefully check the number of items against the shipping label 
  • Carefully check the state of the packaging 
  • Make note on the shipping label if any goods are missing or if the packaging or goods are damaged 

When you make any notations, it is important that they are located on the receipt section of the shipping label. To be clear, that is on the part of the shipping label where you confirm/sign that you have received the goods, and which the driver retains. Describe what you see and what is damaged. Take pictures of the damage if possible. If the damage is visible but not noted on the shipping label, it will be much more difficult later to prove a claim with your insurance company.

Contact us as well as your insurance company

The insurance company must also be able to inspect the goods. Contact Åland Post as well as your own insurance company (if you have separate cargo insurance) immediately, before the goods are repaired or the problem is rectified in some way. It is preferable for you to report the damage on the same day, but at least within 7 days after having received the goods. 

Please remember that if Åland Post replaces the goods, this results in Åland Post (or the insurance company) taking ownership of the damaged goods.