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For many years now, Åland Post has actively worked to reduce our environmental impact. A major challenge involves reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from transports and our large post terminal. Our objective is to be fossil-free by 2035.

We continuously upgrade our vehicles, replacing them with low-emission alternatives, and have successfully reduced energy consumption per square metre year on year at the post terminal.

In addition to a general environmental policy, we work specifically with a number of overall environmental goals within our operations. These can, in turn, be broken down into detailed environmental goals for each individual business area or unit.

Åland Post is environmentally certified in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Overall goal – Åland Post will be fossil-free by 2035

Sub-goals 2022-2024 to reduce our climate impact


  • To reduce the number of kilometres driven and thus fuel consumption.
  • To begin purchasing electric vehicles and/or hydrogen vehicles.


  • To keep fuel consumption low by means of ecodriving.
  • To monitor developments on the market (including in terms of electric and hydrogen vehicles).
  • To visit manufacturers and participate in trade fairs.

Distribution, Logistics and Axla

  • To increase the fill rate per vehicle.
  • To optimise the amount of goods per pallet space.

Sub-goals 2025-2028 to reduce our climate impact


  • To continue to purchase electric vehicles.


  • To begin purchasing trucks that do not run on fossil fuels (electric or hydrogen instead).

Åland Post’s environmental programme 2021-2023

Measure and reduce

  • Emissions from own transport.
  • Emissions from purchased transport.
  • Consumables and waste.
  • Business travel by air.
  • Consumption of heat and electricity.

Be proactive

  • Work for a postal service team where the distribution requirements are adapted to the volumes of mail.
  • Demand fossil-free solutions from suppliers.
  • Lobby politically for environmental zones, tax incentives for transitioning to fossil-free fuels, infrastructure for charging vehicles and the like.
  • Be active within the network of sustainable large companies on Åland.

Increase awareness and commitment

  • Signpost the path towards fossil-free transport on vehicles and online.
  • Develop our sustainability report and present it several times a year.
  • Have current environmental information available at post offices.
Johan Sundblom
CFO, responsible for society
+358 18 636 621