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Axla Logistics

You sell. We'll stock, pack & ship

Axla is your seamless partner in e-commerce logistics. We offer smart e-commerce solutions for order processing and distribution.

With over 20 years of experience in e-commerce logistics we can help boost your growth. We work with over 50 different companies in Scandinavia and Europe. No matter what branch your company specializes in, you are always ensured short lead times and a reliable and committed business partner.

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive logistic solutions including warehousing, packing, distribution and returns processing. 
  • A modern, large-scale warehousing system for all-inclusive inventory management with real-time information for sales and distribution.
  • Attractive pricing for low-cost products under 22 euro.

With Axla, your benefits include:

  • Improved margins, so that you can lower your prices.
  • Efficient systems, wherein we handle your entire logistics chain.
  • Wide-ranged transport capacity, which means shorter delivery times for you and your customers.
  • Customer Portal, an easy-to-use online tool that helps you to keep track of your statistical data, mail tracking, the warehousing management system and other important information.

Flexibility and commitment

When you choose Axla you get a partner that is equally committed to your e-commerce as you are. Our reputation is dependent on your success. Allow us to take care of your order processing so that you can utilize your valuable time on sales and business development.

Since 2019 Åland Post covers all aspects of e-commerce logistics under the new brand name Axla. Read more here: