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Päivi’s processes create peace of mind for customers

Päivi Josefsson works as a controller at Åland Post. It is her role to make sure that the preferences of customers and salespeople can be implemented, but also to ensure that what we invoice our customers are the tasks we actually have performed.

She checks, systematises and carries out detective work if any errors arise. This means that our customers can rest assured that if a mistake was to creep into the invoicing data, it is more than likely that it would be picked up by Päivi.

Every month Päivi goes through supplier invoices and checks that the details are correct.
As Päivi herself, in close collaboration with our IT department, sales team, production and finance department, has been involved in work to systematise our processes, she can quickly identify deviations – bringing peace of mind to customers and to Åland Post.

“One big advantage that Åland Post possesses is that we have the knowledge within the company to build and systematise our own processes,” says Päivi.

Some of the work is routine for Päivi, but her job is most interesting when she is given new questions or tasks to resolve.

“Our company’s in a constant state of change, so it’s extremely important that we can change our procedures without necessarily creating disorder. It’s also part of my job to interpret information, review statistics and gain an overall view of the business,” explains Päivi.